About Us

Kol HaKavod News is an outreach in a new direction in Jewish periodicals taking into account the changing demographics of the society at large and the particular needs of our community. Today’s 50+ adult population faces opportunities and challenges that in some ways are very different from those of their parents. Read More

Why Advertise With us?

Kol HaKavod News is an efficient and effective strategy to promote your products and services to a targeted, valued population group. Become associated with....Read More

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If you wish to be considered for publishing newsworthy items or research findings that would be of relevance to our readership, we would be happy to review them. Kindly forward the material to editor@kolhakavodnews.com. We will acknowledge receipt of your submission. Minimum size: 500 words (no maximum).

Community Distributors

The process is simple. Submit the community you wish to represent and a brief description of the scope of your network to editor@kolhakavodnews.com. We will acknowledge receipt of your inquiry and follow up as to whether the community you desire is available.


Kol HaKavod News is a proven and effective vehicle for reaching the 50+ age group and their families, potential users of your goods and services. Click here for more information.


If you wish to promote a new service that you have developed, we would be happy to incorporate that information in Kol HaKavod News and assist you in developing a marketing strategy. Contact editor@kolhakavodnews.com and we will be pleased to assist you.