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Kol HaKavod News is an outreach in a new direction in Jewish periodicals taking into account the changing demographics of the society at large and the particular needs of our community. Today’s 50+ adult population faces opportunities and challenges that in some ways are very different from those of their parents. Read More

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Kol HaKavod News is an efficient and effective strategy to promote your products and services to a targeted, valued population group. Become associated with....Read More


Why Say “YES” To Gardening

In addition to simply being “fun” gardening has many health and therapeutic benefits for adults of all ages. It is a favorite activity for many seniors. If you have an older parent, you should encourage them to remain active in… Continue reading

On the Road Again

We often hear that retirement is difficult. The active breadwinner feels a loss of self worth, doesn’t know how to fill the day constructively with his newly available leisure time. This is especially the case when only one spouse has… Continue reading

Visiting Jewish Tuscon

What do you think  of when  you hear of Tucson, Arizona? Perhaps cowboys and Indians, cacti and lizards? You probably don’t imagine frum ranch-hands with lassos herding into Synagogue. Actually, there is a frum community in Tucson (no cow- boys,… Continue reading