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Kol HaKavod News is an outreach in a new direction in Jewish periodicals taking into account the changing demographics of the society at large and the particular needs of our community. Today’s 50+ adult population faces opportunities and challenges that in some ways are very different from those of their parents. Read More

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Kol HaKavod News is an efficient and effective strategy to promote your products and services to a targeted, valued population group. Become associated with....Read More


Avoiding Falls

A study of fall-related deaths among older adults conducted by New York City Department of Health and Mental Hy giene, Injury Epidemiology Unit found that two-thirds of all fatal falls occurred in the decedent’s residence and did not have a… Continue reading

Kosher Adult Day Programs in New york State

Adult day programs are great. They offer more structured support for the participant than senior centers and needed respite opportunity for the caregiver. Moreover they extend the amount of time an elder can remain at home rather than being admitted… Continue reading

How Stress Affects Health

Ever  have a  bad day (or month)  and things just start hurting? Your head hurts, your stomach is upset, and your back aches?

It was not that long ago that the medical establishment taught that our emotions have no significant… Continue reading