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Home or Facility Placement?

Teshuvos V’hanhagos 446

If a parent is frail and sickly, must you maintain him in your home or may you place him in a nursing facility where your out-of-pocket cost would be much less?

The father’s needs are such that… Continue reading

Medicaid Requirements: Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals in need of homecare or nursing-home care should understand that despite on-going changes in the Medicaid eligibility rules, they do not have to spend down their savings to qualify for Medicaid services. Valuable planning options exist. The following questions… Continue reading

Insights For Retirement and Estate Planning

After years of hard work and toil, saving and investing for the future, success in business and their chosen profession, working to sustain family needs, retirees are proud of their achievements, and rightfully so. They look forward to transferring the… Continue reading