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Kol HaKavod News is an outreach in a new direction in Jewish periodicals taking into account the changing demographics of the society at large and the particular needs of our community. Today’s 50+ adult population faces opportunities and challenges that in some ways are very different from those of their parents. Read More

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Kol HaKavod News is an efficient and effective strategy to promote your products and services to a targeted, valued population group. Become associated with....Read More


Getting Through The Day – What is Normal?

Normal has been defined as average, typical. When the average person is asked “how are you” most people would like to respond in the positive. In truth, we are each born with varied abilities and life circumstances. Normal human functioning… Continue reading

The Kopelowitz Story: A Tale of Personal Heroism, Divine Intervention, and the Power of Our Sages

The Kopelowitzs have been residents of Kew Gardens Hills, Queens for over 45 years. This narrative was inspired by a visit to Aaron Kopelowitz, a shiva call, to console him after the passing of his father, Yaakov (Jack) z”l. Jack… Continue reading

The Most Valuable Plastic Card I Ever Lost

It happened on a beautiful sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. We were on a Chol HaMoed excursion with our kids and grandkids. We had decided to visit Ellis Island to connect with our roots – our personal… Continue reading